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Mediation/Collaborative Law for Divorcing Couples

  • Divorce Mediation         $165/Hour  (1st 2 Hrs Prepaid-Additional hours as agreed upon and necessary)

Fee Schedule:​

​Non- Court Involved:

  • Initial Assessments/Intake Appointment   (90 min.)​     $100.00/session
  • Individual Therapy Session (Office Visit)   (50 min.)   $85.00/session
  • Family/Co-Parenting/Couples/EMDR Session (Office Visit)   (60-90 min.)     $90.00/session
  • Family Sessions (In-Home Visit)   (60-90 min.)     $110.00/session


  • Therapeutic Intervention (Retainer: $1000)   $110/session
  • ​Court-Ordered Counseling: 
  • Focused/Limited Family Assessment (Retainer: $1000)     $150/session
  • Comprehensive Family Assessment (Retainer: $1000)     $150/session
  • Parenting Coordination (Retainer: $1000)     $150/session
  • Supervised Visitation      $65/Hour     ($10/extra person & $35  Monitored Exchanges
  • Therapeutic Supervised Visitation      $85/Hour

**A package of 10 sessions paid in full will reduce your fees by one session**

** Single Parents paying for themselves get a discounted rate**    $75.00/session=$100.00/in-home

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